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Graduate School

Graduate training in Biophysics at MSU is possible via the following programs:

All programs expect strong academic performance at the undergraduate level, highly value previous research experiences, and require a high level of proficiency in spoken and written English for non-native applicants.

In most programs, students initially arrive without commitment to a specific research group and may not choose an advisor until completing research rotations, but direct admission to a specific group is possible for exceptionally motivated students.

Graduate students in the above programs are generally supported by either teaching or research fellowships. However, eligible students are strongly encouraged to apply for prestigious external fellowships.

Please send email to to discuss which graduate program may be the best fit for you or contact specific faculty.

Current Students

Name Program Group Email
Basma Al-Masraf DO/PhD Jens Schmidt
Courtney Bingham Chemistry James Geiger
David Broadbent DO/PhD Jens Schmidt
Ishita Chandra Chemistry Heedeok Hong
Maggie Conway Chemistry Denis Proshlyakov
Nicholas DeVito Chemistry James Geiger
Thomas Dixon CSME Alex Dickson
Nona Ehyaei Chemistry James Geiger
Nathan Frantz Chemistry Denis Proshlyakov
Emily Groth Chemistry Denis Proshlyakov
Duwage Gunasekara Chemistry Heedeok Hong
Caitlyn Herr BMB Robert Hausinger
Donghee Hoh CMB David Kramer
Eziz Kuliyev Chemistry Jian Hu
James Lennon CSME Alex Dickson
Yan Levitsky DO/PhD Denis Proshlyakov
Sam Lotz BMB Alex Dickson
Shaima Muhammednazaar Chemistry Heedeok Hong
Hadi Nayebi Gavgani Chemistry James Geiger
Isaac Osei-Bonsu Plant Biology David Kramer
Keshav Prahalad Chemistry Heedeok Hong
Manoj Rana Chemistry Heedeok Hong
Joel Rankin BMB Robert Hausinger
Elise Rivett BMB Eric Hegg
Md Rokonujjaman Chemistry David Weliky
Nicole Roussey BMB Alex Dickson
Jason Schrad BMB Kristin Parent
Allison Stettler Chemistry Denis Proshlyakov
Mengxia Sun Chemistry Jian Hu
Aiko Turmo BMB Robert Hausinger
Jiaojiao Wang Chemistry Heedeok Hong
Robert Wolfe Chemistry David Weliky
Jiaqi Yao Chemistry Heedeok Hong
Yijin Zhang Chemistry David Weliky