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Matt Comstock

Department of Physics and Astronomy

BPS 4238 | web site |

  • Single molecule force spectroscopy
  • Nucleic acid-processing enzymes
  • Mechanism of action of helicases

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Recent Publications

A force sensor that converts fluorescence signal into force measurement utilizing short looped DNA.
Mustafa G, Chuang CY, Roy WA, Farhath MM, Pokhrel N, Ma Y, Nagasawa K, Antony E, Comstock MJ, Basu S, Balci H.
Biosens Bioelectron (2018) Dec 15; 121:34-40.

Combined Force Ramp and Equilibrium High-Resolution Investigations Reveal Multipath Heterogeneous Unfolding of Protein G.
Izadi D, Chen Y, Whitmore ML, Slivka JD, Ching K, Lapidus LJ, Comstock MJ.
J Phys Chem B (2018) Dec 13; 122(49):11155-11165.

Single molecule force spectroscopy at high data acquisition: A Bayesian nonparametric analysis.
Sgouralis I, Whitmore M, Lapidus L, Comstock MJ, Pressé S.
J Chem Phys (2018) Mar 28; 148(12):123320.

Randomizing phase to remove acousto-optic device wiggle errors for high-resolution optical tweezers.
Baker AG, Chuang CY, Whitmore M, Comstock MJ.
Appl Opt (2018) Mar 10; 57(8):1752-1756.

Ultrashort Nucleic Acid Duplexes Exhibit Long Wormlike Chain Behavior with Force-Dependent Edge Effects.
Whitley KD, Comstock MJ, Chemla YR.
Phys Rev Lett (2018) Feb 9; 120(6):068102.

High-Resolution Optical Tweezers Combined With Single-Molecule Confocal Microscopy.
Whitley KD, Comstock MJ, Chemla YR.
Methods Enzymol (2017) 582:137-169.

Elasticity of the transition state for oligonucleotide hybridization.
Whitley KD, Comstock MJ, Chemla YR.
Nucleic Acids Res (2017) Jan 25; 45(2):547-555.

The RNA helicase Mtr4p is a duplex-sensing translocase.
Patrick EM, Srinivasan S, Jankowsky E, Comstock MJ.
Nat Chem Biol (2017) Jan; 13(1):99-104.

High-Resolution "Fleezers": Dual-Trap Optical Tweezers Combined with Single-Molecule Fluorescence Detection.
Whitley KD, Comstock MJ, Chemla YR.
Methods Mol Biol (2017) 1486:183-256.