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James Geiger

Department of Chemistry

CEM 9A | web site |

  • X-ray crystallography
  • Structure and mechanisms of enzymes
  • Rhodopsin mimics
  • Protein design

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Recent Publications

Mimicking Microbial Rhodopsin Isomerization in a Single Crystal.
Ghanbarpour A, Nairat M, Nosrati M, Santos EM, Vasileiou C, Dantus M, Borhan B, Geiger JH.
J Am Chem Soc (2019) Jan 30; 141(4):1735-1741.

A Near-Infrared Photoswitchable Protein-Fluorophore Tag for No-Wash Live Cell Imaging.
Sheng W, Nick ST, Santos EM, Ding X, Zhang J, Vasileiou C, Geiger JH, Borhan B.
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl (2018) Dec 3; 57(49):16083-16087.

Ultrafast Dynamics of a "Super" Photobase.
Sheng W, Nairat M, Pawlaczyk PD, Mroczka E, Farris B, Pines E, Geiger JH, Borhan B, Dantus M.
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl (2018) Nov 5; 57(45):14742-14746.

A Genetically Encoded Ratiometric pH Probe: Wavelength Regulation-Inspired Design of pH Indicators.
Berbasova T, Tahmasebi Nick S, Nosrati M, Nossoni Z, Santos EM, Vasileiou C, Geiger JH, Borhan B.
Chembiochem (2018) Jun 18; 19(12):1288-1295.

Free-Energy-Based Protein Design: Re-Engineering Cellular Retinoic Acid Binding Protein II Assisted by the Moveable-Type Approach.
Zhong HA, Santos EM, Vasileiou C, Zheng Z, Geiger JH, Borhan B, Merz KM Jr.
J Am Chem Soc (2018) Mar 14; 140(10):3483-3486.