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Heedeok Hong

Department of Chemistry
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

CEM 325 | web site |

  • Membrane protein folding and stability
  • Conformational nature of denatured states of membrane proteins
  • Degradation of membrane proteins by AAA+-proteases
  • Membrane protein quality control

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Recent Publications

Proteolysis mediated by the membrane-integrated ATP-dependent protease FtsH has a unique nonlinear dependence on ATP hydrolysis rates.
Yang Y, Gunasekara M, Muhammednazaar S, Li Z, Hong H.
Protein Sci (2019) Jul; 28(7):1262-1275.

The rhomboid protease GlpG has weak interaction energies in its active site hydrogen bond network.
Gaffney KA, Hong H.
J Gen Physiol (2019) Mar 4; 151(3):282-291.

Native Proteomics in Discovery Mode Using Size-Exclusion Chromatography-Capillary Zone Electrophoresis-Tandem Mass Spectrometry.
Shen X, Kou Q, Guo R, Yang Z, Chen D, Liu X, Hong H, Sun L.
Anal Chem (2018) Sep 4; 90(17):10095-10099.

Folding-Degradation Relationship of a Membrane Protein Mediated by the Universally Conserved ATP-Dependent Protease FtsH.
Yang Y, Guo R, Gaffney K, Kim M, Muhammednazaar S, Tian W, Wang B, Liang J, Hong H.
J Am Chem Soc (2018) Apr 4; 140(13):4656-4665.